Male Escorts' Day

About the Awareness Day

A special day for male escorts? This is not a joke, but has a serious background. We explain why it makes sense to deal with the Awareness Day.

Strong Women in a Tolerant Society

Male Escorts’ Day focuses on escort services for women. It highlights how demanding and versatile the job of a male escort is. It also strengthens the social standing of female customers of escort services as well as that of the escorts themselves. Women as well as men have the right to take advantage of escort services without any bad feelings. Unfortunately, the use of escort services by women is still frequently considered a taboo. While it is socially accepted that men hire women as a companion, the opposite is not yet the case. One more reason to celebrate the Awareness Day, which is also known as the Day of the Male Escort, and which aims to encourage a worldwide rethink. The vision of a tolerant society needs to be realised so that it brings forth strong and self-confident women, who are allowed to surround themselves with educated, handsome and perhaps younger men without any obligations.

The Work as a Male Companion

The work as a male companion is versatile and demanding. As an escort it is essential to be able to adapt quickly to very different situations and people. If you wish to work in this profession, you must have a high level of empathy and an excellent understanding of how to interact with people. Excellent manners and the ability to have meaningful conversations are especially important for women who book a man to be their companion. In contrast to men, who demand accompanying services, women are much more concerned than men provide the full package: the man must offer more than external attractiveness but must also convince with intelligence and humour. Last but not least, fitness and a physically appealing appearance also plays a significant role. Escorts must ensure that they are physically fit and keep in shape.

Did you know?

Fun Facts

Online Profiles of Male Companions are Available Worldwide
Escort Agencies for Women Exist on Average per Country
Male Escorts are Available for Women and Couples in Germany
11 %
of Male Companions Worldwide Meet Exclusively Women
Male Escorts' Day

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