Erotic Massages for Women in London: A Male Massage Therapist Talks About his Job

JJ is in his mid-thirties, lives in London and pleases women for a living. As a massage therapist he started adding more intimate services 13 years ago and now hardly any woman sees him for regular massages anymore. He meets up to 20 clients each week and counts over 1.500 very satisfied clients from age 18 to 72 from all over the world – about half of them in a committed relationship. Exclusively for Male Escorts’ Day he talks about how he became a professional in pleasing women, whether he’s nervous before appointments and which kind of women come to see him.

Male Escorts’ Day: When and how did you get the idea of pleasing women?
JJ: 13 years ago, I was just a regular massage therapist until one day a female client changed my mind as she asked for more than a regular massage. She convinced me to give it a try…

Male Escorts’ Day: How did you learn pleasing women?
JJ: I did some online research and spoke to someone claimed to be an “expert”, but that just wasn’t true. We only spoke to on the phone one time. After that I decided to practice on female therapists, and it took me several months to get green lights from them.

Male Escorts’ Day: How often did you practice during those months?
JJ: I actually did practice five days a week, full time

Male Escorts’ Day: What is best about your job?
JJ: The best would be to be able to help women to fulfil their fantasies, overcome their problems, build confidence, and guide to “Pussy Power“.

Male Escorts’ Day: Interesting. How would you define “Pussy Power”?
JJ: I would say it is multiple way of pleasures.

Male Escorts’ Day: Please help our readers, who never did experience an erotic massage before to understand: in which way does enjoying your or any high-quality erotic massage help to build confidence?
JJ: Well, it helps women to understand their body better and take control over what gives them most pleasure.

Male Escorts’ Day: What do you think makes new clients nervous in the beginning?
JJ: I would say thinking about safety and the unknown. However, nervous is good as it comes hand in hand with excitement.

Male Escorts’ Day: Are you nervous before meeting a new client?
JJ: Yes! I am always excited to meet a client, whether it is for the first time, or even if we did meet before.

Male Escorts’ Day: How do you make a woman feel comfortable when first meeting her?
JJ: We have a brief introduction to each other, and I make sure she knows there is always a “stop button” if she needs it.

Male Escorts’ Day: Do you use different techniques on each woman?
JJ: Absolutely! Every single one of them is unique.

Male Escorts’ Day: What do you think is the main reason for women to come and visit you?
JJ: Fantasies are the main reason.

Male Escorts’ Day: What do you think would be the main reason for you to not be able to let a woman experience an orgasm during your erotic massage?
JJ: I guess the only reason would be if I would have no positive energy and enthusiasm for the job.

Male Escorts’ Day: What would you recommend to a man to perfectly please a woman?
JJ: In my opinion, understanding every inch of your partner’s body is one thing but it is even more important to stimulate her mind before anything else.

Male Escorts’ Day: Lots of men complain that there’s no chance to learn how to please a woman physically in general, as every woman prefers different things. What would you recommend becoming an expert in pleasing women?
JJ: Honestly there isn’t any expert in this field. My advice is to learn from your women, like ask about her preferences, be patient, and make sure women always come first. Every each of them is so very unique.

Male Escorts’ Day: Is there something about your job you don’t like?
JJ: No! It’s been a positive and amazing experience of my journey.

Male Escorts’ Day: Did you ever fell in love with a client?
JJ: I’m a professional. (grins)

Male Escorts’ Day: Last question: what would be a reason for you to quit the job?
JJ: To get a better job than this one. (laughs)

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