Why Do Women Book Male Companions?

When it comes to escort services for women, it is often said that women do not need to book a man. This is usually justified with the prejudice that men are easier to convince then women. Who chooses to book a male companion, however, rarely acts out of necessity. The reasons for a booking are various.

Women have demands. Accordingly, they do not necessarily want to show themselves with every man, especially in public or at business events. Those who are invited to a business dinner or go to a wedding often desire an attractive companion. If the companion is booked, the woman can be sure that she will always be treated respectfully by him and that she also knows that his impeccable behaviour in front of friends, colleagues and family is always guaranteed. This is not guaranteed with other constellations, such as dating via apps.

Some women have been cheated or abandoned by their partner and do not want to show themselves publicly hurt. Here, too, a professionally committed companion is ideal, as he does not reveal to the ex-lover that he is actually only there to make him jealous. Those who like to explore distant countries and do not have a suitable travel partner can also fall back on a booked companion, especially for countries where the level of safety for women travelling alone is not too high.

Trust and Discretion

Women who have not had a good relationship for a long time for job-related reasons, for example, and who are too busy to get to know anyone, also enjoy the beautiful experiences they can enjoy without any obligations with a male companion. There is no danger that the man will become intrusive in the long run and discretion is guaranteed. Often a woman just wants to have a deep profound conversation with a man in whose presence she feels comfortable and where she knows her secrets are safe.

Some women, of course, are also interested exclusively in the physical aspects of a male companion. In this case they can expect a recruitment procedure for escorts assigned by agencies, which guarantees their safety and discretion more than normal dating. The companion does not learn any personal data of the woman and is just the perfect man on a temporary basis.

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